Funding Urban Youth Missionary Work

Starting in the Summer of 2022, Pastor Dave Louis started New Ken Bible Rebinding. The workshop is located in New Kensington, PA, a community that suffers from poverty, crime, addiction and broken families. In order to help fund the outreach of Sonward Youth Programs (, Pastor Dave invested his own money to purchase the tools and supplies and taught himself to rebind bibles with quality leather. All the proceeds from the sale of every Bible goes to fund Sonward Youth Programs, which seeks to bring hope, healing and the gospel to the children and youth of New Kensington, PA.

There are many fine Bible Rebinding businesses out there, and I recommend their Bibles as the highest qualirty of craftsmanship. However, the price of their BIbles tend to start at $300 and they don't have anything availible at lower price points. At New Ken Bible rebinding, we are going to have high quality Bibles that start at $50 and go to $200, to put a high quality, beautiful, long-lasting copy of God's word in the hands of everyone.