Each Bible is Made to Order

Below are pics of the step by step process of constructing each handcrafted Bible.

  • Removing Bible Cover

  • Cover Removed

  • Measuring Lambskin Liner

  • Measuring The Leather Cover

  • Cover and Lining are both cut to size

  • “Skivving” or thinning out the corners to make it easier to pleat the corners later.

  • Rounding the corners of the lamb skin liner

  • Gluing the liner to the leather cover

  • Pressing down the liner with the roller. Thanks to my wife for my handy turtle paperweight from Trovo Co.…I also store my sewing needles inside!

  • Trimming the edges of the leather cover to size

  • Gluing down and folding over the leather to the edges of the liner

  • All Edges glued down

  • Pleating the corners (this part takes patience and time to get it right)

  • Pleated corner. I’m happy how this one turned out.

  • Etching in the straight line for the holes for stitching the edges of the cover

  • Using leather awls to make the holes for stitching

  • Holes punched! Looks good. Good corners…I’ve messed those up before.

  • Thread measured, needles attached and ready to hand stitch the cover…this will take me a couple hours.